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How to Roast a Chicken


The first time I ever roasted an entire chicken, I immediately went to YouTube and watched Julia Child’s demonstration. I watched the entire video, totally rapt by her charm and bravada, and horrified by her lack of hand-washing. Although I don’t truss, nor use a roasting spit, I still follow Julia’s basic chicken roasting tenets with a perfect success rate thus far.

I have officially roasted several chickens now and each has been better than the last. My levels of chicken roasting experience are not in the Julia Child range, but I feel quite confident and comfortable around a whole chicken. And I have tips, folks. Wise tips!

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#5: Spicy Carbonara Bake


Fall is here! Well, sort of – it’s 75 degrees today, rainy, and the leaves had barely begun to change before the wet dreariness started pulling them off their branches. Fall is nearly everyone’s favorite season, isn’t it? It’s the gentle reprieve from the endless humidity of summer, and the last moment of lightness before every curbside and crevice is packed with heavy snow. And it’s so short and sweet – it never overstays its welcome – which always makes a good thing better.

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