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#12: Donut French Toast


Growing up, my dad made the worst french toast. He’d soak nutty, wheat bread in egg whites, a little skim milk, and (adding insult to injury) wouldn’t even add butter to the frying pan. Because of this, I gave up on french toast a long time ago, writing it off as the worst of breakfast foods. Needless to say, this french toast restored my faith and is the polar opposite of the french toast I ate growing up; it’s actually delicious. And easy, and a magnificent way to use stale bread that you would’ve thrown out otherwise.

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#5: Spicy Carbonara Bake


Fall is here! Well, sort of – it’s 75 degrees today, rainy, and the leaves had barely begun to change before the wet dreariness started pulling them off their branches. Fall is nearly everyone’s favorite season, isn’t it? It’s the gentle reprieve from the endless humidity of summer, and the last moment of lightness before every curbside and crevice is packed with heavy snow. And it’s so short and sweet – it never overstays its welcome – which always makes a good thing better.

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Pico de Gallo


Disclaimer: I have made this recipe approximately twelve billion times. It doesn’t count toward the project, but I will be posting my favorite recipes from time-to-time, project be damned. Posts such as these won’t be numbered, like the new recipes, and I’ll still be posting the pork chops this weekend as my first official recipe of the project.

But I had to share this with you, so you can make it, quickly, before summer ends!